Government & Corporates

Government & Corporates

All roads lead to … RESULTS

Enjazat Services is a very modern and flexible organisation, you can structure the set up and the process module the way you want, wherever you want.

Enjazat deliver :

  • Ease of mind
  • Swift results
  • Tremendous cost cutting that exceeds 50%
Board room

Public Relation Outsource

Enjazat Services becomes responsible for certain types of tasks related to government transactions or HR, and it includes the full cycle of process. You will have access to the system, dashboard, and all the advanced features for corporates, in terms of SLA, KPI, automation and integration.

Case By Case​

No commitments on the number of transactions or period of contracting, you request the service online, make the payment, and receive the results by email.

On premises outsource

Enjazat will allocate well trained Agents to work in your premises on a daily basis, and will support the employees from our back office.

Gap Analysis

It’s a free service with enjazat compliments, we don’t like consultancy long & complicated reports, straight forward to the point, we analyze your current cost & process, then provide you with our recommendations and best practices trends in the market.

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