About Us

About Us

Enjazat in Arabic means achievements, and Ever since its establishment in 2009, Enjazat Services stands by its name, whereas our clients focus on their core business, and we achieve the admin side work on their behalf. 

Such Admin tasks start from the moment you decide to establish a business, throughout all years of operations, until the very last second in closure of this business “which we pray that you never see”. 

We assist you in understanding the government requirements, ,fees, obtaining all kinds of permits, licences and approvals, recruiting people and managing their visas, your vehicles, and any government related transaction in general. 

Our extensive experience in the last 13 years enabled us to build a massive knowledge base and know how on all kinds of government transactions, that covers all kind of industries, you name it , we have done it .. hospital, school, university, factory, bank, recruitment agency, major corporates, start ups, SME’s .. 

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Our Story

Outsource of Accounting, legal, facility management and so many other services, are mature markets since the eighteenth century, but when Enjazat Services started this new concept of governmental transactions outsourcing and follow up, the market was amature, and it took us several years to spread awareness that such services exist, whereas you can relief yourself from those burdens, and leave it a specialised company. 

Our first attempt in this market started in 2006, when no such activity was recognised to open a company that does transactions follow up, and after couple of years of lobbying and promoting the idea, it was finally recognise and register as an official trading activity in the government, such efforts were a key part of the creation of Tasheel brand, “the firsts of its kind “partnership between Government and private sector” to provides a top-notch customer service experience to the public by a private company on behalf of the government. 

Our Tasheel centre was established in 2011, and it was officially recognised by then as the largest government services centre in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, 80 counters, 130 employees, and more than 14 government representatives in the centre. 

After a decade of service, and execution of more than 2 million transactions, we have seen the future and knew that online services will take over, and physical centres will cease to exist by 2030. 

As we have been the market leader in the first time, we did it once again, and replaced our center with the most advanced digital platform that enables all clients to request and finalize their services 100% remotely from any device and anywhere.


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Service Is A Process

With the rapid changes around the world in regulations, online services, government strategies, consumer behaviour, we have learnt that flexibility and quick adaptations are the key factor to sustain and grow any entity.

However; any kind of service still share the same process:

  • List of requirements
  • Fees
  • Steps
  • Hidden shortcuts
  • Execution check lists
  • Quality control management


Those are the lego blocks which enables us to build any service using the same processes, while adding the latest artificial intelligence and technologies capability.