Service Solutions


Enjazat Services close and long interaction with the clients in the public and government transactions accumulated ongoing and growing experience and knowledge to the ever emerging needs of the sector and the public.

Enjazat Services worked closely with different public and private entities in developing service solutions to enable:

  • serving the entities` clients on a higher quality
  • providing new channels of services
  • increasing the service capacity
  • Effective and efficient service procedures and processes

Enjazat Services provides its solutions through:

img Systems

Enjazat has developed an unrivalled smart system that is designated to help customers avoiding complexities emerging from the detailed requirements of governmental and public bodies and spare the hassle of the routine procedures usually occurring when these two sectors are interrelated.

img People

Training and qualifying manpower, particularly in the sector of governmental transactions, is an ongoing process at Enjazat. Our expertise excels in acquiring talents, training them and preparing them to provide the ultimate customer service, through understanding their needs, think on their behalf and react to exceed those customers’ expectations.

img Integration

The key to success in the culture of Enjazat; Integration demonstrates the ability of different entities and service provider to solve and facilitate transactions. It also reflects on our internal systems where various models inside the body of Enjazatwork closely and integrate for the maximum interest of clients.