Foreign Investors:


Enjazat is the turnkey solution provider for foreign investors targeting the UAE market to guarantee a well-established startup, covering all aspects of the process:

  • Providing a comprehensive guide for legal and regulatory framework in the region
  • Advising the suitable selection of business activity on trade license
  • Guarantee a smooth and fast engagement of the foreign investor within his target market, by pointing towards successfully active partners and audience, saving them the time and challenge of new markets discovery.
  • Directing the foreign investor towards the right legal form for his start-up.
  • Performing business-focused analysis and accurate assessment of potential markets for the foreign investor to target.
  • Provide a reliable, transparent and knowledgeable local sponsor partner

The provided services can list as follows:

Comprehensive business set up

handling the A to Z process from government procedures to the team hiring after business initiation, covering both mainland and free zone.

Legal services

providing all legal facilities including power of attorney, drafting and attesting documents.


undertaking the investor’s transfer to the UAE covering all residency procedures.


finding the reliable sponsor suitable for investors initiating business in mainland.

Complimentary services

all adjacent services, including admin, governmental services, residential bookings etc.

Business consultancy: Enjazat has a team of experts to provide a market study and consultation for the new launched business